Design Feature: Samantha Dickie
YAM Magazine
September/October 2023
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Artist Profile: Samantha Dickie
International blog: JTW Ceramics
December 2022
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Voyage Creatif Original a la Misericorde de Vallauris
Nice-matin newspaper
Writer: Phillipe Depitris
December 9, 2022
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Exhibition ‘Now’ at Fortune Gallery
Art Openings.  Profile
Writer: Kate Cino
February 2022
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Sound, Silence and Space: The Work of Ceramic Artist Samantha Dickie
Boulevard Magazine.  In Studio Feature
December 2021 / January 2022
Writer: Sean McIntyre
Photographer: Lia Crowe
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Samantha Dickie: Ceramic Installations Seek the Spacious.
Galleries West.  Review
September 20, 2021
Writer: Portia Piergot
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Best of the City: Ceramic artist contemplates space in work and life
Victoria News.  August 2, 2021
Writer: Evert Lingueist
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Samantha Dickie: Interaction with Time and Space.  Feature
Ceramics Monthly US Publication.
February 2021
Writer: Kimberley Hyatt
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Artist: Samantha Dickie.  Feature
Modern Home Victoria, Lookbook.  2019
Writer/Photograper: Jody Beck, Michelle Heslop
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An artistic new angle in Fairfield
Times Colonist, May 18, 2019
Writer: Grania Litwin
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Interview with Sheryl McKay
CBC, North by Northwest, Aired May 25, 2019

Review: Then, Now and Next Exhibition
STUDIO: Craft and Design in Canada
Vol. 14, Issue 1.  2019
Writer: Lena Kotsyuba

Shape Shifter
YAM Magazine, March/April 2018
Writer: Lana Lounsbury
Photographer: Cathie Ferguson
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Potter All Fired Up About New Show
Times Colonist, May 22, 2016
Writer: Robert Amos
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Intersections Exhibition, Gage Gallery, October 2015
Writer/ photographer: Kate Cino
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Artist and Studio Feature
Modern Home Victoria Online Magazine, August 2015
Writer: Melissa Gignac. Photographer: Jody Beck.
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Samantha Dickie, Studio Practice in Profile, June 2015
Interview and photos by Kate Cino
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Lifestyle: Samantha Dickie, Ceramics Artist/Designer
Boulevard Magazine, February 2014
Writer and photographer: Lia Crowe

Profiling Studio Practice, June 2013
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Fired Up, Interview with Sheryl MacKay
CBC North by Northwest, May 26, 2012

In Conversation with Samantha Dickie & Ivan Meade, Design Feature
Snap Victoria, October 2011

Art Show is ‘Elusive’
The Nanaimo Star, March, 2008
Writer: Robert Baron

Elusiveness of Space
Nanaimo News Bulletin, Feb. 28, 2008
Writer: Melissa Fryer

Light That Shines in the Darkness
Castlegar Current, July 2007
Writer: Dale West

Art That Towers Over You
What’s On Journal, October 14, 2005

The Vessel is the Venue
The Yukon News, October 5, 2005
Writer: Leighann Chalykoff

New Artists’ Co-Op Creates Space for New Visions
The Yukon News, May 11, 2005
Writer: Meaghan Perry

Artists Combine their Talents for Show
Campbell River Mirror, January 19, 2005
Writer: Jeanette Taylor

Taking a Stand
The Klondike Sun, December 14, 2004
Writer: Valerie Salez

Evolution is in the Works
The Yukon News, November 10, 2004
Writer: Chris Beacon

Interview with Mardy Derby, CBC North
CBC Radio Afternoon Show, September 5, 2004

Flirtation at the Arts Station
The Free Press, 2004
Writer: Tracy McGuire

Ceramic Artist Sam Dickie, makes ‘Imprint’ on Golden
The Force Gazette, Issue 5, 2003
Writer: Suzanne Cooper

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