now.  Fortune Gallery.  Victoria, BC.  2022.  3 installations

The title “Kiss the Joy as it Flies”, from William Blake’s poetry, aptly reminds us to notice the string of fleeting moments in life within the ultimate nature of impermanence. This site-specific installation of a flock of 400 geometric abstracted birds plays with the balance within us of light and shadow, freedom and rigidity, movement and stillness.

A Speck of Dust consists of starry porcelain orbs installed as a 9’ buoyant shimmering circle. With no beginning and no ending, the simplicity of the circle symbolizes timelessness, eternity, and the cyclical nature of life spanning from the molecular to the universal in scale. Inside that spaciousness lies both the infinite and the personal: a contemplation of the paradox between emptiness and fullness.

In The Skin We’re In, the 9 abstracted figurative sculptures seek a moment for the viewer to contemplate who is seen and unseen within current social norms about the body in our hetero-sexualized culture. Highlighting inherent imperfection and the marks of time, these figures claim the space to celebrate natural beauty.

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