A Moment In Time.  Victoria Arts Council Gallery.  2021
Solo exhibition.

The notion of a singular moment conjures an in-between state what follows and what precedes; neither the inhale nor the exhale, but the breath itself.

The four distinct ceramic installations Samantha Dickie presents here offer various approaches to this hovering state. By playing with perspective and the phenomenological experience of moving through the gallery space, she forces viewers to confront how they observe space, what they perceive, and ultimately question the way they experience her artwork.

In this blue vacuum, which is neither sea nor sky but more of a momentary void, Dickie’s work becomes cellular and its massive opposite, an elastic timeline with no ending or beginning, a stratospheric excavation. It is at once micro and macro. This tension mirrors the reality that the nearly four thousand delicate ceramic components comprising these installations were made in the dangerously extreme, yet controlled, heat of her kiln. This is how pressure brings forth poetry. This is not otherworldly but of our own experiences. This is a moment in time.

Kegan McFadden Curator 

Thrown.  Touchstones Museum.  Nelson BC.  2021.
Group exhibition with 6 ceramic artists from across Canada.  Video and catalogue.

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